Getting your PalmPilot Pro to talk PPP to Windows NT using Microsoft RAS



On your Windows NT 4.0 machine

The following documents from the Microsoft Knowledge Base were helpful to me and may be informative for you:

On the Pilot in the Preferences, Network

You can watch the progress of the connection by pressing the scroll down hardware button while the Service Connection Progress dialog is active. When you are connected, you can execute a variety of interesting commands from the Network Log screen. It can be reached from the Network Preferences by selecting the Options menu, and the View Log. Once you are in the Log page, use Graffiti to enter a "?" and new-line to get help.

Once you have a direct PPP connection to your NT desktop, you can try out programs like these:
Top Gun Telnet for the Palm Pilot Professional
NetNews for Pilot Pro 0.1a

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