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Device Friendly Pages:

Lite Links, theOnion.

News and Information:

Slashdot, Wired, Canoe,, CNN, GoogleNews, Yahoo - Quotes.

Search Engines:

Yahoo! Canada, Google, Google Maps,, MapQuest, Canada411.

Entertainment Sites:

A.P.O.D., User Friendly, FoxTrot, theOnion, The Golf Channel, IMDb, WireImage.

Software Sites:

OpenBSD, NetBSD, OpenWatcom, qmail, VIM, TinyApps.

Online Services:

TekSavvy,,, Hotmail.

Merchant Sites:

The Beat Goes On, StayOnline, TigerDirect.

HTML Docs:

Bare Bones Guide to HTML and Introduction to HTML and URLs.

Sights and Sounds from Thunder Bay:

Winter Scene
Kekabeka Falls (The Niagara of the North)
The Tranquil Wilderness
Sibley Provincial Park
The North Shore of Lake Superior
Green Hills
Lonely Lighthouse
Sunrise over the Sleeping Giant
Lake Superior
The Sleeping Giant
Bagpipes at HillCrest Park: wav, au.

3Com PalmPilot PPP Networking

Getting your PalmPilot Pro to talk PPP directly to Windows NT using Microsoft RAS
Configuring Window NT RAS for PalmPilot Pro

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